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You should definitely contact a web design company if you do not want to tackle creating or updating your own website.

But finding a reputable web design firm in an unregulated industry can be time consuming and pose potential risks if you don't approach the research and selection activity as a project in its own right.

Website Design

Let's start by clearing up the definition of "Website Design".

First, the design of a website includes MORE than just the graphics (logo, banner, images).

Second, website design work manifests as a project and therefore includes a financial budget, schedule and key artifacts such as "wireframes", "content blueprints", "search engine optimization plan", "functional and non-functional requirements" and "website promotion strategy and plan".

Therefore, a professional website design firm will have a formal process or method for guiding all of the design and development work activities, including adoption of a project management approach.

A current trend among many web design companies is to offer a proprietary "content management system" that allows the website owner to manage their own content. You should definitely arrange for a demonstration or review of this capability to ensure you are comfortable with the "ease of use" it provides.

Website Maintenance

It's important to acknowledge that once your website is designed and built there will be some future maintenance activities to undertake.

So, find out from your web design company how much money they might charge you to perform maintenance activities such as:

  • Add a new website page (text only)
  • Add a new website page (text and graphics)
  • Change an existing page
  • Renew Domain Registration
  • Perform a website backup (including database files)
  • Perform a website restore (including database files)
  • Move website to another web host
  • Add or change email accounts
  • Submit website to search engines
  • Build/re-build sitemap
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Website performance and tuning (speedy web page loading)

In addition to the costs involved for the above tasks, make sure you enquire about the turnaround time for each item. For example, you might need to have a new web page quickly added to your site in response to a business or sales opportunity. Or you might have a gallery or portfolio of work that needs refreshing to coincide with some advertising activities.

Notwithstanding you would like to have an affordability discussion, but you also need to establish a "quality of service" expectation with each prospective web design company before you sign a contract for the web design project.

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