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Scams are fairly easy to recognize in the REAL world.

For example, if someone approached you on the street and suggested they could sell you something incredible for a cheap price ("the Brooklyn Bridge in New York for £100") you would probably ignore them and move along.

Internet scams are slightly more difficult to recognize, but not IMPOSSIBLE to spot once you know what to look for.

Make Money Online Scams

Unfortunately, the vast majority of "too good to be true" stories are related to this very popular topic "MAKE MONEY ONLINE".

Do a quick search in Google and see for yourself the sheer volume of search results related to this topic.

I know a LOT of people who have spent hundreds of £'s and $'s chasing the dream of making money using the internet. So with the potential market of "uninformed buyers", the odds are pretty high that many "too good to be true" deals or offers are exactly that -- too good to be true.

Don't be fooled by any of the following tactics:

  1. "Testimonials" - names can be fictitious and photo's of "real people" can be purchased from any stock photography website
  2. "Proof of Income" - images and snapshots of commissions earned and cheques can be easily created and manipulated in photo editing software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop)
  3. "Rags to Riches" - effective sales pages tend to hook people by playing on emotional levers (e.g. I had £1 left in my pocket, then I found THIS product)
  4. "The Secret" - if you are being sold the idea that somebody is sharing their secret for making vast sums of cash, ask yourself -- why would a complete stranger let the ENTIRE WORLD know about an amazing money making scheme and risk all that competition?
  5. "HURRY! Only xx Left"- This tactic is another emotional lever that plays on a fundamental element ... fear. Fear of missing out on something special.

Questionable Internet Services

As a website owner, you will undoubtedly be tempted to purchase products or subscribing to various services providers offering solutions in the folllowing areas:

  1. Increase Website Traffic
  2. Get Quality Website Links
  3. Grow Social Media Fan Base (e.g. Twitter followers or Facebook likes)

But you must avoid artificial methods and approaches for accelerating these activities (traffic, linking, fans). Google is very much "clued in" about the naturalness of authentic websites and those that try to "cheat the system".

In fact, Google's Page Ranking algorithm updates are effectively weeding out websites that employ questionable tactics to elevate ranking and appear more prominently in search results pages.

Google has the power to effectively remove websites from their index files if they believe the site is viewed as "web spam".

Technically, providers who are offering these types of services are not necessarily con artists, but the claims that are being made should make you think twice about parting with your hard earned cash ("guaranteed", "proven", "safe").

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