how to create A landing pAGE in sbi! 

Please note: this tutorial covers how to create a landing page for SBI! sites using BlockBuilder (BB2). If you are using the upload your own HTML (UYOH) or BB1, please contact me for assistance.

Step 1: Create a new sitebuilder page and complete the filename (URL), page title, keywords and description page info elements.

Step 2: Hide the navigation and sidebar/column sitewide elements by clicking on the dash (-) in the upper left of each element. This will hide the element on the page you have just created.

Step 3: In the 'head' for 'this page only' add the following style code (hint - you can copy/paste the code from the box below):

Step 4: Create you sales copy and include a call to action.

Step 5: Build the page but DO NOT include it in your navigation. It's a landing page so by definition you will be leading traffic here from other sources (e.g. pay-per-click advertising campaign, e-mail newsletter).

If you want to learn how to include Google Analytics tracking for your landing pages and call-to-action links/buttons, please contact me.

If you haven't notice already, this is a landing page :-)