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Make Your Own Website

If you've learned enough about websites and you're ready to make your own website, there are a few options available:

Make Your Own Website

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  1. Create a free website
  2. Subscribe to a website builder service
  3. Use a Content Management system (e.g. Wordpress, Joomla)
  4. Purchase website software (e.g. Script) and configure it
  5. Use website building software (e.g. Adobe CS5, Web Serif)

There are advantages and disadvantages associated with each option.

Be sure to weigh all your options carefully before making your final decision.  Of course you can always change your mind if you go down the wrong route - but this gets harder to do after you're site has become well known (by visitors and search engines.)

No matter what - make your own website based on the PURPOSE of your website.  It will not be a good fit if you try and create a website using a tool that cannot give you the features that you need!

Free Websites

Free Websites can be the easiest and simplest plan for small business owners to get on the web.

Advantages: The biggest advantage for using a free website service to make your own website is that IT'S FREE! Here are some others:

  • Increase your understanding of website terminology
  • Practice some design and layouts before publishing
  • Create a "supporting" website that points to your main site

Disadvantages: Free website services may not be the most practical solution for putting your business on the internet. Here are some reasons why this is the case:

  • Limited functionality (e.g. no backup copy of your site, no product or online store, no customer data or forms)
  • Limited resources (e.g. mailbox, storage space, # web pages)
  • No domain name
  • Limited or no technical support
  • No guaranteed performance from service provider

Website Builder Service

If you decide to create a business site using a website builder service, then you definitely need to perform research into the various providers. You should also include the FREE website service providers in your research and evaluation since many of them also offer additional feature "upgrades" for a fee.

Advantages: Since you will be paying for the privilege of making your own website, hopefully the advantages of using a website builder service will justify the costs:

  • Ready access to templates and features that fit a specific website purpose (e.g. e-commerce, blog, brochure)
  • Domain name and hosting normally included
  • Tiered fees structure to accommodate budgets
  • Access to technical support and community to provide additional help
  • Managed environment (including backup and recovery, although this may be extra fee)

Disadvantages: As with anything that is "template based", you may need to make some concessions and compromises with your requirements. There are some other potential negatives associated with creating a website using a website builder:

  • New features and capabilities dependent on service provider
  • Poor or lacking integration options with other provider's products and services

Content Management Systems

Content management systems are VERY popular with Wordpress being the most widely recognized and popular of them all. A content management system provides an administration framework and structure for publishing content on the internet. For example, Wordpress uses "pages" and "posts" as the structured containers for publishing content whereas Joomla uses "articles". In either case, the concept is that content can be categorized so that it can be easily managed.

Advantages: Many content management systems are free to download and install on your website, with premium features and add-ons readily available from the developer community. Once you get past the initial learning curve, there are some other key benefits if you plan to make your own website using this type of toolset:

  • Site can be quickly setup and launched
  • Content is easily managed
  • Easy access to templates, themes, add-ons, plugins etc.
  • Availability of free documentation and published articles

Disadvantages: Since content management systems are "open source" and supported by a community of developers, there is the risk that any vulnerabilities in the base software code can be exploited by less ethical developers. Security hacking is a real threat for any open source software. Some other disadvantages include:

  • Lack of technical support
  • Additional costs may be incurred if free templates and add-on's provide insufficient capability

Purchase Software

As a "last resort", you might decide to purchase website software (e.g. Adobe

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