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We are bombarded by media -- video, photo's, graphics etc. Visual impressions are everywhere -- on phones, computers, magazines, newspapers, notice boards, sign boards, TV.

If you're looking for a great image to use on your website as part of your copywriting and SEO activities, obviously you need to find the best photography websites (for stock photos).

Every now and then, I come across an image that I don't necessarily want to use as part of my copywriting.  This library is a collection of some great images -- they're not all created by me and as far as I can tell they have no copyright information attached.

There are many reasons for selecting images - some are funny.  Some images are inspirational.  Others remind me about certain technology or website topics ...

Hope you enjoy viewing them. 

NERDY: How Web Browsers Work

How Web Browsers Work

Political Satire

The original video for this graphic can be found in my Video Library

I Blame Facebook

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