The Best Websites: I promise ...

The headline below reflects my pledge to help you create one of the best websites possible. I want you to benefit from my successes and learn from my mistakes.


It's your business & website - It's my business to help you make it the best website!

Leader, Entrepreneur or Webmaster?

How do you view yourself?

How do others see you? 

Here's the most important article I've published so far ...

"10 Essential Leadership Qualities of Successful Webmasters"

Discover for yourself if you have the "right stuff".

Why you should NOT follow this advice...

To create a website you should:

  1. Register a Domain
  2. Get some web hosting
  3. Install Wordpress

If you have seen this advice and/or you're following this advice RIGHT NOW, do yourself a big a favour --- and click the STOP BUTTON BELOW!

Why is the image so big?  Because I want you to take this STOP advice seriously ...

Search Tip: Stop Google Redirecting Search

Google Logo is a Registered Trademark of Google.

Google will try to re-direct you to the most appropriate Google Search property (e.g. for UK, for Spain etc.)

Stop Google from redirecting by adding /ncr to the URL. 


Do you Really Need a Website?

Despite what you may read and hear "out there":

If you have a business, you do NOT need a website to promote your business, increase your sales, make your customers happy or get great deals from suppliers and distributors.

But if you decide that you need or want a business website, then please do yourself a favour and make sure your business website is the best website it could possibly be.

Find out if you've got what it takes to make a Website!

Treat your business website like an INVESTMENT ... manage your website as an asset and check that it's performing well for your business needs.  Don't just create a website and then forget about it.


This Website MAY not be right for you

Personally I find it very difficult to say "No", especially to people who ask for help.

But realistically I cannot provide assistance to everyone who needs it.  To find out more about who I CAN help and why, please read this helpful article ..."How to Use The Best Websites"

Stick around for a visit and feel free to contact me if ...

  • you've started creating a website, but can't finish it
  • you want to start a website but don't know what to do first
  • your existing website isn't really DOING anything for your business
  • you've heard about Wordpress and want to know if it's right for you
  • you're working with a web designer or developer and you've lost confidence in their ability to complete the project
  • you have a question about how to do something in HTML or CSS
  • you've found a great product or service to help with your website and you're wondering if it's real or a scam
  • you need help promoting your website (and business) and want to brainstorm some ideas

Successful Businesses / Successful Websites

Success doesn't come easy.

And if you've ever started a business or built a website you know what I'm talking about.

If you're a "NEWBIE", don't let any of the following PREVENT you from taking action:

  • FEAR: Fear of technology; Don't like "change"
  • UNCERTAINTY: No idea how to get started;
  • DOUBT: Bad experience with a website "guru"; Websites cost too much money
  • APATHY: Don't have time to work on it;

If any of the above applies to you AND YOU'RE READY TO TAKE ACTION then let's start remedying the problem ... 

So let's get started! Time is a scarce resource -- I don't want you to waste it.

First let's see if this website is for you ... and then let's explore how it's possible to create one of the best websites.

Welcome to the Best Websites !

This Website Runs on FEEDBACK

If I do help you, please let me know if the advice was good or bad / useful or useless? If I don't get any feedback then how can I improve?

I've given away TONS of free Keyword Research to a number of website owners WHO ACTUALLY ASKED FOR HELP -- the majority have NEVER had the courtesy to reply!!

  1. THANK YOU -- for visiting my website. It's a great privilege for me to have a visitor drop by. I do hope that you find this site useful and come back to visit periodically as I continue to add content.
  2. HELP YOURSELF -- Although this site is chock-full of great advice (been there, done that advice), unless you are willing and prepared to roll up your sleeves and take OWNERSHIP of your website, all of this GREAT advice is worthless. The BEST WEBSITE for your business is IN YOUR HANDS. I believe in YOU!
  3. PICK MY BRAIN!-- I publish articles based on my experiences and 28+ years in the technology industry. Even so, I continue to expand my knowledge.
  4. I TRULY CARE - I want to help small business owners build great websites by enhancing their KNOWLEDGE and provide RESOURCES and RESEARCH to help them make BETTER DECISIONS.

I only ask ONE THING of you in return -- FEEDBACK.

Stay Connected

Look around this website and see for yourself the variety of FREE information I've created to help you create the best website possible.

I've spent years of research and learning by doing to create this website just for somebody like YOU.  And it continues to evolve over time. 

I stay current with the latest advice and recommendations for webmasters that is offered by the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) as well as industry leading experts.

It's easy to stay connected to my website content ... You can subscribe to my RSS Feed, sign up for my FREE  newsletter, follow me (Twitter) or become a fan (Facebook).

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You CAN extend your "offline business" onto the web.

All you need is some brainpower, the right attitude and motivation.  

PLUS a proven method to generate targeted website visitors that starts with solid market research.

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How can I help you right now?

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If you need help, advice, a friendly push in the right direction, to rant or rave about a product or service ... please don't be shy about contacting me. Perhaps I can help you achieve your business goals.

You can do it ...

"That was fast! That is exactly what I need it to do. You are amazing! You just might be the secret weapon that makes a website less  about being BUSY on the Internet and more about being a BUSINESS on  the Internet." - Stan L.,

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