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Delight Your Fans with Facebook Search

Facebook Search | Tutorial to add Feature to Page

Desperately Seeking Facebook Search?

I don't know about you, but it's really annoying that Facebook has failed to offer a key feature on their Pages (Timelines, Groups etc.)  A proper Search function ...

Delight your fans and give them something they've been missing.  A list of posts from your Facebook Page AND content from your website - in one covenient place.  Introducing FACEBOOK SEARCH  ...

Follow these instructions -- Feel free to contact me if you have questions or encounter an issue.  If you LIKE, feel free to thank me with a Facebook LIKE!

Facebook Search - First things First

Required: You will need a Google Account.

Required: You will need a Facebook Page (Before you begin, get your Facebook Page URL copied to your clipboard or a notepad)

Optional: You will need a Google Adsense Account (that is, if you want to monetize your new Facebook Search feature !)

Facebook Search - Step by Step Instructions

Step 1:  Login to Facebook
Step 2:  Go to this URL to install a PAGE TAB (Courtesy of WooBox)

Step 3:  when prompted, choose the Facebook Page you wish to install the tab on ... and click ADD PAGE TAB

Step 4:  After installation, you will be presented with a screen that looks blank (??) - don't worry. Just click the WELCOME so you can now EDIT the content o the page tab.

Step 5:  See the large editable area called "Page Source" type in <head> and </head> area, and add a <h1> </h1> title tag ... now get ready to paste some content.

Step 6:  Go to the Google Custom Search application and sign in using your Google Account credentials
Step 7:  Create a New Search Engine

Step 8:  Fill out the search engine details. In the "Sites to Search" put your website URL and paste your Facebook page URL.  Be sure to add the following to the end of your Facebook page URL: "/posts" (remove quotes).

This ensures Google understands that your POSTS on your Facebook page are included in the Facebook Search. Check mark in the terms/conditions box and then choose NEXT.

Step 9: Choose the style that you like (I choose MINIMALIST) and make sure your Search results are set to appear in a New Window.  This NEW WINDOW setting is VERY IMPORTANT -- You are not allowed to present Google search results in a <FRAME> because it violates their terms and conditions. Click NEXT (you can change this style later).

Step 10: Google code is now availabe for you ... Highlight the Code and go back to your new Tab (waiting for content ... from Step 5)

Step 11: Copy and paste the Script within the <head> area; copy and paste the GCSE tags after the <h1>

Step 12: Scroll down the settings page, change the name from "Welcome" to "Search" and add an image for your new tab. Now click Save Settings.

Step 13: Upload a tab image.

I created one for my page that simply says "Search" and adopted the traditional Google Colour scheme ... I'll be happy to send this to you if you ask. Sometimes the tab image upload is a bit tempermental ... if it doesn't "stick" after Step 12, don't worry.

Just go to your Facebook page and hover your mouse over the tab image until you see a pencil appear. Click the pencil and choose EDIT SETTINGs. Choose to CHANGE the custom tab image. Upload the image and click OKAY.

Now view your Facebook Page ... You will see your Search tab with an image.

Click the image and you'll be presented with a Google Custom Search page. Test your search and see the results from your Facebook page AND your website appear.

Monetize Your Facebook Search

Finally, if you have an ADSENSE account, you go back to your custom search engine in Google and choose to monetize it. This means that if people click any of the Google Ads presented during a search result, you make money!

Check your email once you've added your Adsense account and give your Custom Search engine permission to use your Adsense.


If you have any questions or problems and you can't seem to get your Facebook search to work - please comment below.  I will respond to your comments.  Keeping the feedback public will help others ...

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