power of facebook custom audiences

I wish someone had told me back in October 2013 when Facebook launched custom audiences, that I should IMMEDIATELY add the audience pixel on my website!

If you advertise on Facebook (or planning to do so) it's a very good idea to add Facebook's custom audience pixel to your website ASAP.

 Why add a pixel tracking code?

 Because the pixel will build a 'custom audience' of people who visit your website enabling you to target Facebook ads to them. The pixel is a type of 'remarketing'.

Remarketing is an effective tactic for pay-per-click advertising because the people who see your ads have already interacted with you in some way recently. 

Custom Audience Pixel tracking

Without the custom audience pixel, your Facebook advertising will be subject to Facebook's generic advertising targeting (interests, behaviours, location, age, gender).

The custom audience pixel doesn't "care" if the person originally arrived at your website/webpage via Facebook or some other method.  A new visitor is simply added to your custom audience pool ready for your Facebook marketing activities.

 You can set your custom Facebook audience pixel to track people who have visited your website (or a specific web page) within the last 30 days. The maximum duration is 180 days.

Customizing Custom Audiences

There are rules you can apply to create your audience as well. For example, 

  • an audience for anyone that visits your website
  • people who visit specific web pages
  • people visiting specific web pages but not others
  • people who haven't visited in a certain amount of time

Or a combination of the above

Unleash the power of Custom Audiences

Think about it -- this is pretty powerful stuff.

Let's consider the following scenarios:

  •  you write a guest blog for a high traffic website in your niche. People who read the article and then click to visit your website, presumably because they loved what you wrote and want to get more of your stuff, will become part of a custom audience ("anyone who visits your website").
  •  you are running a Google ad campaign leading traffic to a sales page.  As with all sales pages, you'll find your conversion rates vary.  With the pixel in place on your website, you will be able to target people who visited your sales page BUT didn't visit the order thank you page ("people visiting specific web pages but not others")
  • You want to alert past visitors/fans to a special promotion ("people who haven't visited in a certain amount of time")

A Key Compelling Reason to use Custom Facebook Audiences?

Want one more compelling reason to setup a custom audience?


You can use a custom audience to create a 'lookalike' -- these are people you haven't interacted with your website yet BUT they share some common attributes of your custom audience:

  • location,
  • age,
  •  gender
  • and interests

Facebook's custom audience is a must-have addition to your website. It has the potential save you hundreds of $'s or £'s in advertising spend.

 Click here to learn how to setup Custom Audience for Facebook. 

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