exit intent popup tutorial for sbi!

This tutorial is for SiteSell SBI! site owners using BlockBuilder2 (BB2).

Note: If you have an UYOH site, I'll add specific instructions shortly.  If you can't wait - you know what to do (:->)

"Exit intent popover" is a way to capture the attention of a visitor when they have signalled their intent to leave a web page. 

Specifically, the visitor is moving their cursor towards the web browser bar or webpage tab to cross over from the content of your web page into the window address bar.

If this action is captured by your web page (using a clever javascript program) you are able to respond to this intent with a popup window.

For example, on a sales page you probably have a BUY NOW button somewhere near the end of the page. So, if the visitor fails to click this button and instead moves their cursor up towards the dreaded 'x' on the tab, you have an opportunity to pitch them again.

I created a demonstration of this exit intent here.

Are Popups Effective?

If asked, many of us would admit "I hate popups" ... except the ones we put on our websites, right?

No doubt you've landed on a few webpages or affiliate sales pages  that had inelegant 'traps' set if you tried to close the browser page.


So before you decide to go crazy with popups on every page of your site, ask yourself this important question, "how important is it that I try and capture a non-converter ?"

If a visitor didn't trigger your 'most-wanted-response' (MWR) and you really have a compelling closing argument (or alternative offer) then try the an exit-intent popup.

However, make sure you measure its performance.

If you're using Google Analytics, it's fairly straightforward to trigger a "non interaction" event. If you need help setting this up, please contact me.

Do Exit Intent Popups increase Conversion?

Based on some quick research, I would say that popups have a positive impact on conversions.

Here's a good article on the topic ...

BUT, you  need to gather conversion intel yourself using your own audience behavior. Hint, use Google analytics to measure bounce rate and conversion on the page(s) where you implement these popups.

You want bounce to stay same (or go down) and conversion to increase.

How do I add this to my SBI! Site?

Hand up if you scrolled to the bottom of this page without reading the pre-amble above??

Of course I can't make you read all the great advice BEFORE you go ahead and implement the popover, but I truly hope you did.

Now onto the heart of the matter.

BB2 SiteBuilders

Step 1: Download the required files directly from my website here:


Step 2: After you've downloaded the zip file and extracted the contents, go to the folder on your computer where you saved the extracted files.

Step 3: Upload the ouibounce.min.css and ouibounce.min.js to your site using Quick Upload It! Note, these files should end up in your support-files/ folder. Check Special File Manager just to be sure they are there.

Step 4: Go to the page where you want to implement the Exit Popup. Remember the great advice above - do not implement it in a sitewide dot. Focus on a sales page or a page that has  high traffic but low conversion (i.e. people don't act on your most wanted response).

Step 5: In the head section of the page (for this page only) enter the following (you can copy/paste from the text area below):

Step 6: Within the body of your page, add a raw HTML block and copy the following as a demonstration of how it works:

Once you've seen how it looks on your site, then you can modify the text, add images, URLs, buttons, forms etc. 

If you're stuck -- I'm here to help :->

Step 7: At the bottom of your page, just before the footer, add another raw HTML block and copy the following script:

Step 8: Build your page and preview.

How can I help you right now?

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If you need help, advice, a friendly push in the right direction, to rant or rave about a product or service ... please don't be shy about contacting me. Perhaps I can help you achieve your business goals.

You can do it ...

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