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Google Ads enable a website owner to make money from their website. It's a simple process to sign up for an Adsense account, BUT Google doesn't approve all applications to become a Publisher.

Many webmasters wonder if adsense ads will "spoil" their website or jeopardize the website ranking with the search engines. 

Rest assured, even the best websites out there have some form of advertising.   As long as the ratio of original content to advertising is HEAVILY weighted in favour of original content, you can achieve high ranking and traffic.

Here's what I recommend you do BEFORE you apply:

Adsense Website - Review for Quality

Have a professional Website Review performed on your website.

When you request a review, be clear that you're trying to monetize your site with Google Ads.

The reviewer should provide some recommended areas on your site where Ads should be placed.

Ad placement should take into account your web page design and be aligned with best practices for website search optimization.

A review should also include an eligibility check for compliance with Google's Adsense pollicies.

Confirm Eligiblity - Google's Policies

You cannot risk submitting an application for Adsense only to receive a rejection from Google because your site violates their program policies.

If Google deems you have violated these policies, they can disable your Adsense account and you MAY be excluded from participating in the Adsense program forever!

Here are the highlights from their policy:

  • You cannot click your own ads
  • You cannot encourage people to click your ads
  • You cannot have Google Ads on sites or pages that have inappropriate content (e.g. promote violence, hate, pornography, criminal activity etc.)
  • You cannot have Google Ads on sites that have LINKS to sites or pages that have inappropriate content
  • Your site content cannot violate any copyright laws
  • Your site should have quality and original content
  • You cannot place ads on Web pages that have "questionable" website traffic sources (e.g. paid-to-click programs)
  • You cannot place Google Ads on popups or in emails
  • Your site should have clearly stated policies and contact details

What Happened to Adsense for Domains?

In June 2012, Google discontinued one of its Adsense products ("Adsense for Domains").This product was targeted at website owners who had "parked" domains.

Essentially, if you have a registered domain but no content on it, you can assign it to a "domain parking" service. The domain is then used to publish advertisements.

With domain parking, you don't lose ownership of your website, but your site becomes available for advertisements from various sources.

For an Adsense Website, advertising source was Google.

But Google's guidelines for quality content on websites and website ranking algorithms made this product effectively redundant and exposed a "contradiction" - how could Google promote a product for websites that violated its own quality guidelines?

That is websites with no content full of Google Ads!

You cannot create a "pure" adsense website any longer.  But there are still opportunities to make money online using your website with Domain Parking. 

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