About Me

I have been in the computer industry since 1983 working for very small companies as well as large, global corporations.

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to participate in the emergence of many fantastic computer technology innovations:

  • the Personal Computer (desktop and portable),
  • hard-drives,
  • networks (Local Area Networks),
  • colour monitors (for years you could only choose from green or amber text),
  • laser printers,
  • the growth of software giants such as Microsoft, Adobe, Corel.

By far, the most significant innovation I have witnessed is the emergence and domination of  the internet. 

Today there are many businesses that have emerged where the "internet" IS the business. Some of these are gigantic in size and scope - think of companies like Amazon, e-Bay, Google, Facebook etc.

These are unarguably some of the best websites around.

The impact these companies have made on the world is truly astounding. Forever changing the business and personal landscape for millions of people.

A long, long, time ago ...

Despite my length of tenure in the IT industry (gulp - more than 30 years!), my foray into the world-wide-web is quite recent.

I started getting more involved in 2009 as I undertook some marketing and advertising projects for local businesses.

They needed websites so I was "forced" to flex my techie side.

You could say that I had "no choice", but secretly I always wished that I had become more internet savvy from the very beginning (because I was in the industry when it all started!)

What I truly LOVE to do - it's all right here

This website allows me to express myself in many ways:

As a writer - I love to help others understand technology "stuff". I have been told many times that I can dummy-down lots of techno-babble. So I try to do that here. If I don't succeed -- let me know. If I do succeed -- let me know <grin>

As an editor - I love to review and critique content. In fact, I did spend more than 10 years of my career as an IT Research Analyst publishing research articles about Enterprise Architecture, Project Management and Customer Relationship Management.

As a geek - I started out my career as a programmer and taught myself lots of techie stuff along the way. "Back in the day" I could fix printers, PCs, debug operating system issues. Now I've taught myself about "all things web" I truly can keep this part of myself learning and growing for a long, long time. The internet is forever changing.

As a parent - I am responsible for 6 "kids". Actually they're not really kids any more, they are young adults. Birth years range from 1986 to 1998. I want our kids to take advantage of everything the world has to offer. I wish they didn't spend as much time using social community sites and airing "drama" but that's what kids do these days. I strive to have more leisure time and pledge to splurge it on them, whenever I can.

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