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Best Websites News, February 2013
February 04, 2013
Hello !

Resolutions, Redux and Revolutions

Was January special? Did you manage to set, keep and surpass any of your New Year's RESOLUTIONS?

Here's my report card ...

Well, I did start a 30 day challenge that included:

1. Grow my newsletter subscriber list (results below)
2. Conduct a Reader Survey (results below)
3. Professional Keyword Tool Results (REDUX please!)
4. Mythbusting: Facebook vs Google Ads (results below)

Item 3 has turned out to be quite a bit more strategic than the 30 day period I set aside for the challenge. So I'll need to "redo" this pledge and keep it focused on longer term objectives. Updates will follow (Promise!)

My Resolution: Reader Surveys 2013

Thanks to a positive response, I have decided to keep my reader surveys going throughout the remainder of this year. Each month, I will select one lucky survey respondent who will receive a great prize. Click on the link below for more details.

Reader Surveys are here to stay!

January WINNER ... Congratulations to Survey Respondent:

The Happy Guru website launched in September 2012. The Happy Guru is the brainchild of Melsie Holder – graphic designer, actress, TV presenter and ‘Happy Energy & Lifestyle’ coach. Melsie created it to encourage kids and grownups to incorporate positive, healthy activities in their family routines – which in turn leads to well-balanced and happier individuals and families.

After identifying a gap in the self-help market for fun & practical family-friendly products, Melsie set about creating her ‘Happy Makeover Diet’, the online easy-to-use Daily Good Vibrations, the Blog, and the fictitious world of ‘The Happy Guru Land especially for kids.Melsie has designed everything in her site, products and books so that it has a perfect mix of fun, simple science and love – the best recipe for success!

As the selected winner, Melsie received personalized 1:1 coaching and is progressing her website(s) with a clear site blueprint plan, effective website copywriting guidelines and targeted promotion activities.

Visit The Happy Guru Today!

Facebook vs Google Advertising

As promised, here is the summary and result of the Advertising campaign I completed during my 30 day challenge.

Summary: I get asked this question A LOT ... Do Google Ads outperform Facebook Ads in terms of click through and targeted traffic.

Since I don't sell hard goods (products) I planned to focus on my services. It's important to spend money on advertising IF you can convert the Clicks to sales so there's no point creating a campaign that simply results in a VISITOR.

However, I decided to highlight the TUTORIAL section of my site and promote the "Facebook Search" instructions for adding a custom search engine to a Facebook page - this page has proven to be quite popular.

Tutorial - Facebook Search

I had some free Advertising credits so this was a no-brainer.

The Campaign: Below is the ad copy from both Facebook and Google. The destination for both ads is my "Facebook Search" tutorial. This page was updated with a "Popover" dialog box for signing up to my newsletter (the "call to action" I was looking for in terms of conversion).

Results: It's clear that Google Ads outperformed Facebook in terms of Click through rate (.28% vs .004%). Out of the 62 total Clicks received, I had 3 newsletter signups. A modest 5% conversion rate. Obviously I would LOVE to receive more signups based on the ads, but I'm pleased with the result.

Recommendation: I believe Facebook and Google have their plusses and minuses and I wouldn't discount Facebook from future advertising plans based on this result.

Looking Ahead: I will continue to experiment with online advertising and publish my findings in this Newsletter and on my website.


Sharing information is good, but sharing information in a way that can lead to actionable results is better.

I've decided to create a series of Tutorials that build upon the general knowledge published on my website.

As always, these Tutorials will be practical and easy to follow. The most recent addition to my Tutorial library is listed below.

Please let me know any "How To" topics you'd like me to cover.

Happy Reading! Latest Tutorial


With the recent cinematic release of "Les Miserables" in January 2013, I was inspired to REVOLUTIONIZE common thinking and expose five secrets that SEO experts wouldn't want me to freely share.

So here we go...

Secret #1: Google Pagerank(tm) is assessed on each web PAGE not your website.
Secret #2: Getting a high Google Pagerank (tm) will NOT give your webpage a better position in the Searh Engine Results pages.
Secret #3: A web page will be found by search engines for keywords and phrases that you NEVER optimized.
Secret #4: The "formula" for a well optimized web page are well understood (new article soon to be published on my website will explain this in more detail).
Secret #5: Purchasing "positive signals" (i.e. visitors, fans, followers, links) will NOT improve your site SEO ranking. In fact these activities can harm your website relevance and ranking. In some cases, your site may become "de-indexed" by the Search Engines.

More secrets will be exposed in next month's newsletter ...

Did you Know?

Sometimes I share valuable information or offer exclusive promotions in my newsletter and NOT on my website. That's the value-add of being a subscriber.

But I do encourage you to share this Newsletter with your colleagues, boss, friends, family ... whomever you believe can benefit.

In a future issue I'll tell you about a referral competition for getting subscribers to my newsletter. After all, the lifeblood of all websites is "website traffic". You will have the chance to win something special!

Thank You!

Thanks for reading the newsletter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

All the best, Carole.

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