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Best Websites News, May 2013
April 30, 2013
Hello !

Where's Carole???


I didn't mean to leave you for so long -- No Newsletter in March or April!! What was I thinking?

March "Break"

A really weird event occurred on my website in late February (26th to be exact). My daily page views jumped from 200 to 1948. At the time I thought "cool" -- but then on February 27th it jumped to 4465 and then 4411 on the last day of the month.

This wasn't normal organic growth so I became a little alarmed.

I contacted my Host and asked where this traffic was coming from -- thinking maybe it was a prelude to a "Denial of Service" attack on a web server.

The answer came back ... Amazon bots were pinging my site (home page and Sitemap file taking the bulk of the hits).

Why? I didn't add anything from Amazon on my site. I didn't add my website or web page link to any web directories I didn't make a post in a new Forum I didn't submit a guest article to somebody else's website

Mystery Case File openend ... so I decided to cease all of my promotion activities to see if my traffic would settle back to normal levels. I pledged to stay "quiet" for the entire month of March. That was really hard !!

Rethinking Stuff in April 2013

The Mystery of the Extra Traffic "plagued" me through March 21st. Finally my traffic levels settled back down and have become steady state at about 1,040 page views per day.

Did you get that? -- from 200 daily page views to over 1,000 in two months -- WOW!

(signal the Marching Band and the dancers -- celebration time!)

So of course, as a website owner I'm thrilled to reach this amazing milestone (yes, over 1,000 page views per DAY on AVERAGE) ... but then I got thinking ... why haven't I seen a steady rise in reader engagement?

Reader Survey: No new entries

Facebook Likes: No new Facebook Likes

Comments on Pages: No new comments

E-zine Subscribers: 3 new subscribers (thank you !!!)

If my traffic volume increases 5x then why am I not seeing a similar rise in other areas of my website.

Truthfully, the situation kind of left me feeling quite "low".

So all through April, I've been reflecting on what I do next; Where do I take this website in terms of content and audience building?

Should I just accept this "reader non-engagement" as just natural in today's crowded "Website Advice" market? Perhaps I should move on to another project entirely (I know, bite my tongue -- )

I know there's a lot of competition out there -- I don't care. The fact is -- I love my website -- and I'm not going anywhere.

My Niche and My Passion is WEB STUFF ... my 30+ Career in Information Technology reinforces all the good knowledge I've earned and learned.

And I want to share that knowledge ....

I love "The Best Websites" but being a "Webmaster" is Everything

The primary purpose of my website is to educate, inform and hopefully delight my readers with solid content -- advice and guidance that is practical, timely and real.

As you know, I don't overly promote products in an effort to "Make Money Online" -- I don't spam your email with stuff from other people.

It's just me - talking to you.

But I realize that I can't really be "conversational" on my website. The tone of the content needs to be more formal because of the advisory nature of the site. That's good, but it also leaves me feeling "cramped".

So I decided to start blogging as the "Webmaster Apprentice"

In fact, I had this idea in my head about an article -- the title was burning in my brain "Is your Website Like Lipstick on a Pig".

Now you can imagine - if I tried to publish that under The Best Websites banner perhaps it would dilute my site.

So the blog "experiment" has begun.

I don't mind using Free Website services to accomplish my goals and objectives -- as long as I manage the expectations -- In this case, I decided to use Google's Blogger platform.

(hey, perhaps Google would see me on Google Plus, Blogger, Adsense, Adwords, Analytics etc. and reward me with some Google Love ;>) ... we'll see.

So if you don't mind -- check out my Blog and let me know what you think.

Thanks! WebMaster Apprentice Blog


Sharing information is good, but sharing information in a way that can lead to actionable results is better.

For my regular readers, you know that I write Tutorials to build upon the general knowledge published on my website.

As always, my Tutorials are practical and easy to follow.

The Tutorial Below is not yet published on my site -- you're all getting a preview of it.

Why am I being so secretive?

Well - back to my earlier comment about "Reader Engagement", this tutorial will hopefully have an impact.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Feel free to write a comment on my Facebook Page Best Websites on Facebook Latest Tutorial

Did you Know?

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But I do encourage you to share this Newsletter with your colleagues, boss, friends, family ... whomever you believe can benefit.

Thank You!

Thanks for reading the newsletter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

All the best, Carole.

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