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Best Websites News, June 2013
June 10, 2013
Hello !

Leadership Skills - Need 'em? Got 'em?

Just putting the finishing touches on a new article - not yet published and hooked up on my website, but would love you to take "sneaky peeky" and let me know what you think ...

The article is called "10 Essential Leadership Qualities of Successful Webmasters".

Thanks to James Baldock from "Leadership Lime" for collaborating on this important topic ...

Leadership Article

My website has new Nav Bar

I've always wanted to have a horizontal navigation bar on my website. But the site building tool that comes integrated with my website hosting provider (Sitesell) doesn't offer too many site navigation options for me.

I definitely wanted something "mega-menu" style but I could only go for jQuery or HTML/CSS solutions.

I did find a tool that is fairly easy to use.

Let me know what you think of it ... Navigation Bar Feedback For other Sitesell website owners, I'll be writing a tutorial soon about how to create this type of navigation menu.

Check back on the website soon ... (psst, look under the TUTORIALs menu option ;>)

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