10 Essential Leadership Qualities of Successful Webmasters


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Picture this … You have a website that is all about a topic you know and LOVE. 

You are viewed as an authority in your market/niche.

You have a Facebook page with over 4,400 fans.

More than 11,000 people have you in their Google+ Circle and your email subscriber list is 19,000 strong.


By all accounts you are a Webmaster with a successful website.

But what if you felt like a complete failure?  

You don’t make any money from your website.  You have traffic to your site and a steady flow of readers who rave about your awesome content but few people buy anything from you.

This story is not fiction – it’s based on a real live blogger, Ana Hoffman.

Ana's blog “Traffic Generation Café” is a website filled with great advice about driving traffic to a website. Sign up to Ana’s Weekly “Skinny” Newsletter. 

You can read about her situation on her recent blog post here.

In the post linked above, Ana displays a rare leadership quality – Personal Disclosure – and I truly admire her for doing it.

If you are just beginning your website ownership journey, you might read Ana’s blog post and think “crap, if she’s an expert in generating traffic to a website and doesn’t make money then what chance do I have?”

Understandable reaction – but unworthy of a someone who is destined to become a Webmaster (Yes, I’m referring to you !)

Serious webmasters are business people and entrepreneurs

These days it’s important to acknowledge that “webmastering” is not just about the techy-geek stuff.  Building and managing a website is just like building and managing a business. 

Here’s a neat comparison:

Business Website Comparison

So if you want to become a “master of the web” you should heed lessons learned from business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Learn to fail fast” is the best advice I ever received from a successful entrepreneur.  He said, “failure is an option – it might make the difference to you being successful one day”. 

How so? 

By exposing me to situations that are out of my control and giving me the opportunity to learn, adapt and grow.

Failure as a Teacher

Great leaders accept “failure” as a teacher.  Let’s examine some great examples of failures in history:

1.  Henry Ford – The iconic motor car company entrepreneur who pioneered the assembly line manufacturing process.  He didn’t experience instantaneous success.  His early business ventures failed – not just once, but FIVE times!  Then he founded the Ford Motor Company.

2. Thomas Edison – He tried hundreds of attempts at inventing the light bulb.  All his failures resulted in a final design that actually worked.

3. Sir Winston Churchill – He suffered many setbacks in his political career before becoming Prime Minister at 66 years of age – including resigning from a government posting because he felt his energies were not being fully utilized.  

Essential Leadership Qualities - Do you have the Right Stuff?

Collectively these leadership qualities will help you deal with the many challenges you will face creating and managing your website.  

For example, diagnosing problems and seeking solutions demands a healthy dose of technical learning, creativity and perseverance – there is no choice if your website isn’t working at all – you need to get the job done.

If you find yourself in a situation like Ana Hoffman or worse  if feel you are “losing the passion” and procrastinating when its time to publish more original content (Search engines LOVE sites that stay fresh!) just keep the end goal in mind:

Your website IS your business.

So now the challenge (or opportunity) at hand – do you have the right stuff, the essential leadership qualities for becoming a successful WebMaster?  

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